Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is necessary when a tooth’s pulp becomes infected due to deep decay, a cracked tooth, or trauma.

RCT can help save the tooth from extraction and relieve pain and discomfort associated with the infection. After an RCT, the tooth is typically restored with a crown to strengthen and protect it.

Root Canal Treatment at Zen House Dental

Although “root canal” is not a term that often provokes feelings of excitement, we want you to understand that you are in good hands with Zen House Dental. 

Our dentists have years of experience with root canals, the practice has modern cutting edge equipment and anesthetic options which makes the procedure comfortable.

We are dedicated to eliminating the fear that you may have from this treatment and helping you to see that it can be a positive experience that saves your tooth from extraction.

Signs You May Need Root Canal TReatment

There are several different warning signs for a tooth that could potentially need root canal treatment. These are things to watch out for but to not panic about, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms its best to give us a call and book in for an assessment.
In-person examinations are the gold standard for diagnosing oral health problems. The best thing to be doing is having 6 monthly/yearly checkups but also calling and booking an appointment as soon as you feel any of the symptoms listed above.

HoW Much Will The TReatment Cost?

Since each patient’s situation is unique, the final cost is determined only after careful evaluation. Get in touch with us and we will figure out what the best pricing is for you.

FReQuently Asked Questions

The root of a tooth includes dental pulp, a collection of soft tissue and nerve connections. If tooth decay progresses this far, the dental pulp gets infected and may produce excruciating pain or possibly an abscess.

There are several reasons for tooth infection, including extensive decay due to cavities or gum disease, broken fillings or crowns, trauma-related damage, and even teeth grinding. Regardless of the cause, a root canal will eliminate the need for tooth extraction and further expensive procedures.

Since the procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic, it does not cause any pain.
Following treatment, you may have mild tooth sensitivity for a few days.
If sensitivity shows as pain, anti-inflammatory drugs may be used to relieve it.

A patient’s clinical status will determine the course of treatment. The length of time and number of visits needed is variable and determined by the degree of difficulty of the therapy. On average, a single visit takes between one and two hours.

After the anaesthetic wears off, you may resume your usual activities; however, it will take about a week for your mouth to recover completely, so be mindful of what you eat and how you chew and practise rigorous dental hygiene.

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